2019 Nova Scotia Penny 1oz Silver Proof Coin


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‘The 2019 Empire Collection’
‘The story of the British Empire told through a collection of noteworthy coins’


Bearing the emblem of the Thistle this 1oz Silver Proof coin celebrates the Nova Scotia Penny Token. First issued in 1824, without the official approval from the Home Office, the province of Nova Scotia ordered the issuing of coins in denominations of one penny and halfpenny. These unofficial coins bearing the effigy of King George IV contributed to the expansion of local commerce in the British territory of Nova Scotia.

One of just six 1oz Silver Proof coins available individually from the Silver Empire Collection 9 coin set. Strictly limited to just 500 coins worldwide.



The Nova Scotia Penny

Before the Canadian Confederation which unified the country in 1867, several individual provinces issued their own coinage. Nova Scotia produced half penny tokens, penny tokens, half cents, and one cent coins.

Nova Scotia proved to be vitally important in deciding whether Britain or France would be the dominant Imperial power in Canada. It’s strategically important position at the head of the St Lawrence waterway meant that it would frequently change hands as both sides fought for supremacy in the area.

After the Spanish Succession War, the English were to keep Nova Scotia as part of the Treaty of Utrecht. The French were to retain the two islands of Prince Edward and Cape Breton. On this latter island, the French built the formidable Fort Louisbourg to try and keep the St Lawrence waterways open.

This fortress was finally to fall in the Seven Years War that would mark the end of French power throughout Canada and the transfer of Canada to Queen Victoria’s Empire.

Coin Specifications
Metal: .999Ag
Quality: Proof
Weight: 1oz
Diameter: 38.6mm
Issuing Authority: St Helena
Denomination: 25 Pence
Product Issue Limit – 500 coins

Total Coin Mintage Limit – 1,500


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