2020 Double Sovereign Gold Proof Coin


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Featuring the effigy of King Charles III of Spain inset with the effigy of King George III as appeared on the famous counter-stamped Spanish Dollars of 1797.

Issued as part of the 2020 King George III Sovereign collection featuring designs from some of the most fascinating coins from the reign of Britain’s longest reigning King.

Struck to an exception ‘proof’ finish this 2020 Double Sovereign promises to be one of the most unique coins issued this year.

With ONLY 50 coins available in this presentation and JUST 200 coins minted in total,

the 2020 Double Sovereign is expected to be one of the rarest issued of all time.








The 2020 Sovereign collection celebrates one of the most extraordinary chapters in British history and is a unique tribute to some of King George III’s greatest coinage during his reign. Released on the 200th Anniversary since his death in 1820, each coin in this beautiful heritage collection is inspired by the original designs widely considered to be King George’s most significant.


Years of War, the American Revolution and Napoleon’s desire for supremacy in Europe and on the High Seas took their toll on His Majesty’s Treasury which was left depleted in terms of gold and silver bullion. One asset that was held in abundance at the Bank of England was a significant quantity of Spanish dollars, which was the most widely traded silver coin of the era. In 1797 King George III authorised the counter stamping of Spanish dollars with a ‘puncheon’ of the Kings head as part of the hallmarking.

These countermarked coins were released rapidly into the market allaying the currency crisis. The counter stamping created a coin depicting two Kings on its obverse. The re-issued silver coins, with a value of 4 shillings and 9 pence gave rise to the witticism, ‘Two Kings’ heads and not worth a crown’ with a ‘crown’ in this context meaning 5 shillings. The 2020 Double Sovereign gold proof design features the effigy of King Charles III of Spain inset with the effigy of King George III to represent the same process and design as the original silver Spanish Dollar coins on 1797.


Alloy: 0.9167Au

Diameter: 28.04mm

Weight: 15.98g

Mintage limit: 200 COINS



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