2020 East India Company Guinea® Gold Proof Three Coin set


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Strictly limited to 200 sets worldwide

Issued to commemorate the 200th Anniversary
of the death of King George III

The East India Company’s new 2020 Guinea gold proof three coin set features the motifs inspired by the most beautiful of King George III’s Guineas. A beautifully engraved series this magnificent collection features the 2020 release of the ‘Military’ Guinea, the ‘Spade’ Half Guinea and the ‘Rose Crown’ Quarter Guinea. Each design is faithfully restored to its original design and struck to a flawless ‘proof’ quality.

A must for any serious collection, each Guinea in this three coin set is struck to the same specification as it’s last ‘circulating’ predecessor.

An Ornament & A Safeguard


Included in this special collection of 2020 Guineas are design inspired by the following coins:

The ‘Military’ Guinea
The ‘Military’ Guinea, as it was commonly referred, was struck specifically for the Duke of Wellington’s men searching for Napoleon’s army in France. An uncirculated coin, it is thought to be the rarest Guinea of all with only 80,000 coins ever minted. Inspired by the last Guinea to ever be minted the 2020 Guinea gold proof coin features the shield of the Royal Arms surrounded by a garter reading HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE (‘Shame on him who thinks this evil’).

The Spade Half Guinea
Featuring one of the most recognised guinea designs, the 2020 Spade Half Guinea takes its design from the original, a crowned shield of the Royal Arms. Introduced in 1787, the Spade Half Guinea was struck until 1800. It earned the nickname ‘Spade Guinea’ due to its resemblance to an old long-handled spade.

The Rose Crown Quarter Guinea
The Quarter Guinea was only ever issued twice due to its size and featured the ornate shield found commonly referred to as the ‘Rose’ guinea due to its rose like shape. A minting masterpiece of its time, its small size meant it was prone to loss which made it unpopular. Only 1,135,000 quarter-guineas were struck in 1762. Inspired by this majestic coin, the 2020 Quarter Guinea features the beautiful Rose Crown motif of its 18th century predecessor.


All coins in this 2020 Guinea collection feature the legend


meaning King of the Britains Defender of the Faith to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the death of King George III.

2020 Military Guinea Gold Proof
Denomination: £1.05
Metal: 916.7Au
Weight: 8.4gm
Diameter: 24mm
Finish Quality: Proof
Mintage Limit: 700 coins

2020 Spade Half Guinea Gold Proof Coin
Denomination: 50 Pence
Metal: 916.7Au
Weight: 4.2gm
Diameter: 20mm
Finish Quality: Proof
Mintage Limit: 200 coins

2020 Rose Crown Quarter Guinea Gold Proof
Denomination: 20 Pence
Metal: 916.7Au
Weight: 2.1gm
Diameter: 16mm
Finish Quality: Proof
Mintage Limit: 200 coins



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