2020 Military East India Company Guinea® Gold Proof Coin


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Limited edition – 500 coins

Issued in 2020 to commemorate the 200th Anniversary

of the end of the reign of King George III

This beautiful 2020 Military Guinea gold proof coin is part of a Guinea gold proof coin collection which features motifs features designs inspired by the most beautiful of King George III’s Guineas.

Celebrating the ‘Military’ Guinea, this exceptional gold proof coin features the shield of the Royal Arms surrounded by a garter reading HONI SOIT QUI MAL Y PENSE (‘Shame on him who thinks this evil’). The Military Guinea originally issued in 1813 is one of the world’s rarest. Minted specifically to assist the Duke of Wellington in his search for Napoleon, the last struck Guinea ever to be issued became known as the Military Guinea.

This 2020 Military Guinea gold proof coin features the legend
meaning King of the Britains Defender of the Faith to commemorate the anniversary of the reign of King George III, one of Britain’s longest serving Monarchs.

Each gold proof Guinea is minted to the exact same specifications as it’s last struck circulating predecessor.

An Ornament & A Safeguard


The ‘Military’ Guinea was struck specifically for the Duke of Wellington’s army searching for Napoleon in France. Locals in the Pyrenees insisted on payment in gold and so, this special Guinea was struck to pay for supplies and support resulting in its reference as the ‘military’ Guinea.

Minted and shipped directly to Wellington to aid his campaign, it is likely that recipients of the original 1813 Guinea melted them quickly to avoid being caught with them. Many believe that without this coin Wellington would not have had the resource to defeat Napoleon and indeed the Battle of Waterloo may never have taken place.

80,000 ‘military’ Guineas were minted for the Duke of Wellington’s troops were struck with gold largely melted down from The East India Company’s Mohur and Pagodas imported from India.

An ‘uncirculated’ coin, it is thought to be the rarest Guinea of King George III’s reign.

2020 Military Guinea Gold Proof
Denomination: £1.05
Metal: 916.7Au
Weight: 8.4gm
Diameter: 24mm
Finish Quality: Proof

Maximum Coin Mintage: 700 coins
Product Issue Limit: 500 coins



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