2022 Faerie Queene 1KG Silver Proof Coin



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The East India Company Collections is delighted to introduce The Faerie Queene Collection, a new series of precious metal coins inspired by Edmund Spenser’s epic medieval poem. The series will tell stories of knights, princesses, mythical beasts, magical villains, honour, betrayal, love and loss, all brought to life by one of the world’s most celebrated coin designers, Joel Iskowitz.

This first coin in our series starts, as it should, at the beginning. Book One tells the story of The Redcrosse Knight and the quest he is given by The Faerie Queene on behalf of the lady Una; to rescue her parents from the captivity of an evil dragon.

There is surely no better canvas for Joel Iskowitz’s exclusive new design than this impressive 100mm coin, its every illustrative detail emphasised by the stunning proof quality finish. Issued as a strictly limited edition, it is presented in a bespoke luxury case accompanied by a certificate which guarantees its authenticity, quality, and exclusivity.


First published in 1590, Edmund Spenser’s epic poem The Faerie Queene is a classic work of medieval English literature. At over 36,000 lines long, its six books contain one of the longest poems in the English language, believed to be an allegory for the life of Queen Elizabeth I.

The story begins with a beautiful princess called Una arriving at the court of Queen Gloriana. Una is carrying a suit of armour upon which is painted a red cross, and is seeking the help of a brave knight to rescue her parents from a wicked dragon.

A young peasant boy, keen to prove his worth, volunteers for the task. Una tells the boy that he can try on the armour she carries and, if it fits, she will grant him his wish. Sure enough, it fits him as if it were tailor made. Because of the armour’s distinctive design, Queen Gloriana dubs him ’The Redcrosse Knight’ and Spenser’s epic story begins. Redcrosse and Una set off to face the dragon, a legendary moment captured in elegant detail on this first coin in our new series.


Coin Name: 2022 Faerie Queene 1Kilo Silver Proof Coin

Alloy: 999Ag

Denomination: £50

Weight: 1kilo

Issuing Authority: St Helena

Diameter: 100mm

Issue Limit: 25

Total Mintage: 25


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