2022 Masterpiece Gothic Crown 1oz Gold Proof Coin


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Queen Victoria was William Wyon’s most famous subject, and it seems the Queen appreciated his work, telling Wyon that “you always represent me favourably”. When a new portrait was commissioned to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Victoria’s coronation in 1847, William Wyon, as Chief Engraver of The Royal Mint and with royal approval on his side, was the natural choice. In a break from his pervious Neoclassical style, Wyon’s new portrait was influenced by the Gothic Revival of the mid 19th Century.

The 1847 ‘Gothic Crown’ was a work of art, created in a popular new style, issued as a very limited edition of just 8,000 pieces, making it highly coveted by collectors but usually beyond the reach and means of all but a fortunate few. The East India Company is delighted to make it available to the modern collector, faithfully remastered for this 2022 Masterpiece Collection limited-edition Gold Proof 1oz Coin using the human touch of expert hand craftsmanship and the precision of modern minting technology.

Now available, our third coin release of The East India Company Masterpiece Collection originally designed by the famous English engraver William Wyon in partnership with William Dyce shown highlighting the designs exquisite detail.

We are proud to release this 2022 recreation of the beautiful Masterpiece Gothic Crown design on gold and silver coins. The obverse side of each coin features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II ( Jody Clark) commonwealth design.


This coin will be shipped on or before 9th February 2022.


A Masterpiece of Gothic Revival Artistry.

William Wyon is regarded as one of history’s great coin designers, his early work synonymous with the Neoclassical, which looked to ancient Greece and Rome for its stylistic cues. So, his design for the 1817 Crown was something of a change of direction, a work of Neo-Gothic art influenced by medieval aesthetics. This can be seen in the original coin, Queen Victoria wearing the St Edward’s Crown that had been worn at royal coronations since the 13th Century, the fashionable long looped plait in Victoria’s hair, and the edge inscription which is engraved in the ‘Blackletter’ style popular in carvings and literature from the Middle Ages,

Maybe Wyon’s studies of medieval poetry for his 1839 ‘Una & the Lion’ design had set him on this path, or perhaps it was the Gothic Revival architecture of the new Palace of Westminster being built just along the Thames from his desk at The Royal Mint. Whatever it was that influenced him, the 1847 Crown represents another landmark in William Wyon’s remarkable career.

Coin Name: 2022 Masterpiece Gothic Crown 1oz Gold Proof
Alloy: 999.9Au (24ct gold)
Denomination: £5
Weight: 1oz
Obverse Design: Queen Elizabeth Effigy
Reverse Design: Gothic Crown
Issuing Authority: St Helena
Diameter: 32mm
Issue Limit: 200
Total Mintage: 200
Edge: Milled


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