2022 Masterpiece Gothic Crown 2oz Gold Proof Coin



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William Wyon’s reputation as a great coin designer is forever linked to the reign of Queen Victoria, who first sat for him as a young 13-year-old princess. His 1838 ‘Young Head’ portrait was so well liked by Victoria that it graced the coins of her reign for nearly 50 years. In 1847, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Victoria becoming Queen, a silver crown was released with a new portrait by Wyon.

Its style was heavily influenced by the Neo-Gothic movement of the mid 19th Century, and it became known as the ‘Gothic Crown’. Its reverse displayed a detailed cruciform design that was engraved by Wyon but designed by Scottish artist William Dyce, their talents combining to create one of history’s most artistically significant coins.

This limited-edition Gold Proof 2oz Masterpiece Collection edition features a faithful remaster of the 1847 ‘Gothic Crown’, delivered in a luxury presentation case with an informative booklet and certificate of authenticity.

Now available for Pre – Order, our third coin release of The East India Company Masterpiece Collection originally designed by the famous English engraver William Wyon in partnership with William Dyce shown highlighting the designs exquisite detail.

We are proud to release this 2022 recreation of the beautiful Masterpiece Gothic Crown design on gold and silver coins. The obverse side of each coin, features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II   (Jody Clark) commonwealth design.


This coin will be shipped on or before 9th February 2022.


A Masterpiece of Gothic Revival Artistry.

William Wyon’s portrait of Queen Victoria fills the obverse, her crown at the top and shoulders at the base interrupting the trefoil edge motif. Victoria faces left wearing the St. Edward’s crown, the first time a monarch had worn a crown on British coins since the days of Charles II. The edge inscription, engraved in medieval ‘Blackletter’ style, reads ‘Victoria dei gratia britanniar.reg.f:d.’, an abbreviation of ‘Victoria dei gratia Britanniarum Regina Fidei Defensatrix’, which translates as ‘Victoria by the Grace of God, Queen of the Britons, Defender of the Faith’.

William Dyce’s reverse design is a cruciform made up of four shields displaying the royal arms of the nations of the United Kingdom. The design is decorated with the floral symbols of each of the four nations, much like Victoria’s robes on the coin’s obverse. At the centre sits the arms of the Order of the Garter, featuring the motto ‘Honi soit qui mal y pense’, or ‘Evil to him who evil thinks’.

Coin Name: 2022 Masterpiece Gothic Crown 2oz Gold Proof
Alloy: 999.9Au (24ct gold)
Denomination: £5
Weight: 2oz
Obverse Design: Queen Elizabeth Effigy
Reverse Design: Gothic Crown
Issuing Authority: St Helena
Diameter: 45mm
Issue Limit: 125
Total Mintage: 125
Edge: Milled


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