Masterpiece 2021 Three Graces 5oz Gold Proof Coin – SOLD OUT

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William Wyon is widely regarded as one of history’s greatest coin designers, a key figure in a ‘golden age’ of coin design during the 19th Century and throughout the reign of Queen Victoria.

In what was arguably his breakthrough design, William was just 22 years old when he created The Three Graces in response to a competition to design the new coins of the Great Recoinage of 1816. While he did not win the competition, his design has since become regarded as a neoclassical great, and the small number of test ‘Pattern Pieces’ produced at the time have gone on to be fiercely coveted by collectors.

William Wyon’s the Three Graces is now available to collectors once again as the first issue in our new Masterpiece Collection. Combining the human touch of traditional hand craftsmanship with the accuracy of modern minting expertise, this strictly limited Proof quality gold coin is presented in a luxurious presentation case along with a booklet and numbered certificate of authenticity.


The Three Graces: Joy. Beauty. Youth.

In the myths and legends of Ancient Greece, The Three Graces were the daughters of the mighty Zeus. From their home on Mount Olympus, Aglaea, Euphrosyne and Thalia would host festive gatherings full of song and laughter, living up to their role as the goddesses of play and happiness. They represent the good things in life; youthful exuberance, elegance, and charm, and like the Muses they could choose to bestow those qualities on mortals too.

In 1816, their inspiration fell upon the young William Wyon, an ambitious engraver who gave the mythical sisters added significance in his iconic design. To mark the recent 1801 Act of Union, which saw the Kingdom of Great Britain and the Kingdom of Ireland come together to form the United Kingdom, he decorated his Graces with the national symbols of England, Scotland and Ireland, and encircled them with the legend ‘Foedus Inviolabile’, meaning unbreakable union.

Over 200 years later that motto still holds true, and Wyon’s design remains a stunning example of neoclassic art.

Coin Name: Masterpiece 2021 Three Graces 5oz Gold Proof
Alloy: 0.999Au
Denomination: £5
Weight: 155.5g
Issuing Authority: St Helena
Diameter: 65mm
Edge: Milled
Issue Limit: 30
Total Mintage: 30


This tea is sourced from a tea estate certified by The Ethical Tea Partnership.
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