Masterpiece 2021 Three Graces Crown Pattern Silver Proof Coin


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William Wyon was just 22 years old when he entered the competition to design the coins for the Great Recoinage of 1816, taking inspiration from the Greek Classics to tell the story of the 1801 Act of Union. Wyon’s The Three Graces cast the goddesses as England, Scotland and Ireland, giving a contemporary relevance to their ancient mythology.

Building on the early promise shown by The Three Graces, Wyon’s legacy was sealed through some of the most iconic coins of the Victorian era, most notably his stunning ‘Una and The Lion’ and the classic ‘Young Head’ portrait of Queen Victoria, which graced the coins of her reign for almost 50 years.

The Three Graces never went into production: a small number of test ‘Pattern Pieces’ were made which became collectors’ items. Now, it is available once again as this 2021 Crown Pattern Silver Proof Coin, which combines the best of modern minting with expert hand craftsmanship that Wyon himself would have recognised. Strictly limited, it is presented in a bespoke case along with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Strictly limited, it is presented in a bespoke case along with a numbered certificate of authenticity.


The Three Graces: Joy. Beauty. Youth.The Three Graces, or Charities, are goddesses from ancient Greek mythology, daughters of the mighty Zeus.

They were residents of Mount Olympus and responsible for the good things in life:

• Euphrosyne symbolises joy and laughter
• Aglaea represents elegance and beauty
• Thalia personifies festivity and the blooming of youth

They are associated with the Muses, able to bestow their virtues on mortals, and in the early 19th century their inspiration fell upon William Wyon. He used The Three Graces to tell the story of The 1801 Act of, which had seen England, Scotland and Ireland combine to form the United Kingdom.

The coin’s design features a harp, a thistle and a shield bearing the flag of St George at the feet of the three sisters, while their hair is decorated with roses, shamrocks and further thistles. They are surrounded by the motto “Foedus Inviolabile’, which translates as ‘unbreakable league’, in testament to the historic new union whose story he told with this early classic from a remarkable career.

Coin Name: Masterpiece 2021 Three Graces Crown Pattern Silver Proof
Alloy: 0.925Ag
Denomination: £5
Weight: 27.4g
Issuing Authority: St Helena
Diameter: 39.8mm
Edge: Plain
Issue Limit: 1817
Total Mintage: 1817


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In 1817 around 50 test ‘Pattern Pieces’ were created of William Wyon’s Thee Graces, soon snapped up by collectors as Wyon built his reputation.
This 2021 Crown Pattern Piece, the first issue in our new Masterpiece Collection, has been created using a combination of skills and techniques similar to those employed by Wyon back in the 19th Century. We start with a plaster model, carefully hand-detailed, from which we create a steel master punch which is then hand finished by a Master Engraver. It is this human touch, expert craftsmanship passed down from generation to generation, that ensures all the detail and feel of Wyon’s original design is captured in this strictly limited-edition Pattern Piece.