Original Chinese Silver ‘Dragon Dollar’


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Original Silver Trade Dollar Coin – Various dates from 1903 – 1911

To celebrate the success of our Trade Dollar Collection we are pleased to offer these original Chinese ‘Dragon Dollar’ $1 silver coins available in various dates and guaranteed to a Fine/Very Fine condition. Hold in your hand one of the original trade dollars of the Orient.

A perfect addition to your Trade Dollar Collection.

Presented in a luxury EIC red pouch each coin is presented in a protective capsule.

Dates vary and cannot be selected by the customer.

All coins are guaranteed to a F/VF condition.


The fascinating story behind the issue of China’s first silver trade dollar coin

The ferocious depiction of a mythical dragon in traditional Chinese style appeared on a new silver Chinese coin in 1889, following the reorganisation of Chinese weights and measures sanctioned by the legendary Empress Dowager Cixi – one of the last empresses of China’s Qing Dynasty – in her quest to modernise China’s economy.

Arising from the surge in western merchants looking to trade with China following the opening of Opium Wars, the Chinese Trade Dollar was minted in the same specification as the trusted and preferred Spanish 8 Reales and became commonly known as ‘silver dragons’ or ‘dragon dollars’.


Condition – Fine/Very Fine

Dates of Issue – 1903 – 1911


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