Sapphire Coronation Jubilee Collection – The NEW 2018 Royal Cypher East India Company Guinea® Gold Proof Coin


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New Release

The 2018 Royal Cypher Guinea Gold Proof Coin

Issued to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Coronation Jubilee

Inspired by the tradition of designing Guineas using heraldic symbols and intricate designs to create strong royal motifs

Featuring symbols relating directly to the coronation ceremony to create the world’s first Queen Elizabeth II Sapphire Coronation Jubilee Guineas

Individually numbered and strictly limited to just 1,000 coins worldwide

Minted in the exact same specification as the last circulating Spade Guinea struck under King George III, the 2018 Royal Cypher Guinea Gold Proof coin features a single motif taken from the embroidered emblem ERII Royal Cypher which featured on Her Majesty’s Robe of Estate worn at her Coronation ceremony on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey. This beautifully designed Royal Cypher is very rarely used and this is the first time it has appeared on a coin.

Above it sits the Imperial State Crown, worn on the day of the Queen’s coronation and one of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The border of wheat ears and olive branches, symbolising peace and plenty, is also inspired by the embroidered decoration on the coronation robe.


The 65th Anniversary of Her Majesty’s Coronation – The Sapphire Jubilee Collection

On 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey a young and humble Princess Elizabeth took the oath to serve her people as their Sovereign and Queen.

For sixty-five years, during a period of great change in Britain, the Commonwealth and internationally, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has loyally carried out her duties as the Head of State. Tirelessly devoting her life to her people, she has become a focus for unity, stability and fortitude.

Following a journey at times steeped with trial and tribulations, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is celebrated by her people as she remains Britain’s longest reigning monarch. A remarkable woman who has for the past sixty-five years not only represented but preserved all that Britain and the Commonwealth Nations stand for – integrity, endurance, faith and hope.

This special issue of three gold proof Guineas are a celebration of a unique moment in royal history and the first to be issued featuring royal emblems directly related to Her Majesty. Inspired by the tradition of using heraldic symbols and intricate designs to create strong royal motifs, the designs draw inspiration from symbols relating directly to the coronation ceremony to create the world’s first collection of Queen Elizabeth II Guineas.

Coin Specifications

The 2018 Royal Cypher Guinea  Gold Proof Coin

Alloy : 0.9167Au

Weight : 8.4g

Diameter :  24mm

Obverse Design :  Jody Clark Queen Elizabeth II effigy

Reverse Design : Queen Elizabeth II Royal Cypher

Quality : Proof

Edge : Compass Mill

Denomination : £1.05

Product Issue Limit : 1,000



This tea is sourced from a tea estate certified by The Ethical Tea Partnership.
We are proud to be a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), a non-commercial alliance of international tea companies who share a vision of a thriving global tea sector that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

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The Chairman’s Message

The history of the Guinea and The East India Company are intertwined. During the era of the Guinea, The Company’s reach expanded as new opportunities for trade and commerce developed into the Americas, Asia and beyond. The Guinea’s reputation for purity and reliability internationally made commerce easier, meaning it was one of the preferred currencies on board Company ships. Just as the Sovereign was later to rule at home, the Guinea dominated the colonial age.

We are delighted to release this series of special 2018 Guineas to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Her Majesty’s coronation. Following on from the tradition of creating Guinea designs using heraldic symbols of the ruling monarch, these coins are the very first Guineas issued entirely for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as she celebrates her Sapphire Jubilee.