The 2018 East India Company Guinea® Gold Proof Coin


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The ‘Guinea’ is considered one of the worlds greatest gold currencies, coveted by collectors and coin enthusiasts across the world. A legendary symbol of the British nation’s wealth, power and prestige, it became an aristocratic currency – an association it retains to this day.

Used by nations of traders as they explored the new world searching for new and exotic treasures, this trusted gold coin was to become Britain’s first truly international coin. Romantically named ‘Guinea’, much of the gold supplied to strike to coin was imported to Britain mainly from the Guinea coast region in West Africa.

In the East the Guinea became The East India Company’s official currency. The largest bullion trader of its time, the company transported gold and silver bullion across the world to facilitate its trade in luxury goods. Between 1729 and 1739, King George II Guineas were minted using gold supplied by The East India Company and bear the letters EIC under the bust of the King to denote this. Just as the Sovereign was to reign at home, so the Guinea dominated the Golden Age of the Colonies.

Today the Guinea symbolises the growth of the British Empire during a period of unequalled exploration and trade, characterising the wealth of the nation. First reissued in 2012, The Guinea is once again at the heart of the Company, minted as both a collector and investment gold coin.



Guinea – Reborn for a new generation

The central motif of the design is a lion rampant guardant, defender of the Crown and Empire and inspired by the historic East India Company Crest. In this modern interpretation, its foot rests upon a globe lying on a rope, denoting the reach of the British Empire across the seas of the world.

The St George of England shield below the lion references the traditional use of a shield on the final guinea to circulate within Britain, the ‘spade’ guinea of 1787-1799. The crossed sceptres that quarter the coin were used on the very first guineas in the reign of King Charles II and represent the four points of the compass, a reference to Britain and The East India Company’s long tradition of exploration.

The tea and cotton leaves in the wreath show the importance of these commodities to The Company and to the rise of the wealth of the British Empire. The 2018 Guinea proof coin is finished with a bespoke compass milled edge featuring four sets of milling with compass point separators symbolising navigation, with 13 mills totalling 52 mills to represent the passing of time.

The 2018 One Guinea Proof coin is minted to just 500 coin issue limit, making it one of the world’s most rarest yearly collector proof coins.



Alloy: 916.7Au

Weight: 8g

Diameter: 24mm

Denomination: £1.05

Quality Standard: Proof

Product Issue Limit: 500

Mintage Limit: 500


This tea is sourced from a tea estate certified by The Ethical Tea Partnership.
We are proud to be a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), a non-commercial alliance of international tea companies who share a vision of a thriving global tea sector that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

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