The 2019 Sovereign Gold Proof Five Coin Set


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The 2019 Queen Victoria Five Sovereign Gold Proof 5 coin set.

Featuring all five first issue Sovereign denominations in the highest proof quality, The 2019 Five Sovereign Gold Proof set consists of

the 2019 Five Sovereign ‘Una and the Lion’,

the 2019 Double Sovereign ‘Gothic Crown’,

the 2019 Sovereign ‘Half Crown Shield’,

the 2019 Half Sovereign ‘St George and the Dragon’

and the 2019 Quarter Sovereign ‘Britannia Penny’.

This exquisite set of heritage-themed Sovereigns is issued in commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria, the most important Monarch in The East India Company’s vast history. Each Sovereign has been struck to the highest proof quality, faithfully designed and engraved to capture the true beauty of five Queen Victoria’s, and the world’s, most exceptional original coin designs.




The Queen Victoria Sovereign Collection

The first-ever Sovereign coins minted by The East India Company and St Helena

Included in this exceptional five-coin Sovereign denominated gold series are some of the most renowned reverse designs that appeared on Victoria’s coinage and which have been especially recreated for this occasion.

Of particular importance is the new five pound gold piece which recreates the famous “Una and the Lion” design. The reverse side of the new double-sovereign includes a great favourite widely sought after, the gothic Crown. First issued in 1847 to mark the 10th anniversary of Victoria’s accession, it included four crowned shields representing the primary realms of Great Britain with a defining Gothic style.

The Sovereign coin is outstanding as it includes the shield reverse seen on Victoria’s last silver half-crown coins. The half Sovereign is especially relevant as it includes Benedetto Pistrucci’s iconic interpretation of St George slaying the dragon, first included on half sovereign coins during Queen Victoria’s reign.

For the quarter sovereign, a classic rendition of Britannia is included, first seen on Queen Victoria’s copper pennies, half pennies and farthings from 1860.


The 2019 Five Sovereign Gold Proof Coin

Alloy: 916.7Au
Diameter: 36.02mm
Weight: 39.94g
Denomination: Five Sovereign
Quality: Proof
Mintage limit: 400 coins

The 2019 Double Sovereign Gold Proof Coin

Alloy: 916.7Au
Diameter: 28.04mm
Weight: 15.98g
Denomination: Double Sovereign
Quality: Proof
Mintage Limit: 400

The 2019 Sovereign Gold Proof Coin

Alloy: 916.7Au
Diameter: 22.05mm
Weight: 7.98g
Denomination: Sovereign
Quality: Proof
Mintage Limit: 2519

The 2019 Half Sovereign Gold Proof Coin

Alloy: 916.7Au
Diameter: 19.30mm
Weight: 3.99g
Denomination: Half Sovereign
Quality: Proof
Mintage Limit: 700

The 2019 Quarter Sovereign Gold Proof Coin

Alloy: 916.7Au
Diameter: 13.50mm
Weight: 2.00g
Denomination: Quarter Sovereign
Quality: Proof
Mintage Limit: 2719


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