The Trade Dollar 1oz Silver Proof Five Coin Set



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A lasting tribute to a currency born of commerce and trade


Created for commerce, trade dollars were a de-facto currency used for trade with the Orient. Issued by merchants in silver to the same specification as the Spanish Dollar they allowed trade in tea, spices, porcelain and silks to flourish following the end of the First Opium War. They became symbolic calling cards for nations trading with the Far East. The East India Company’s stunning silver coin set includes 5 designs inspired by the original coins issued by various countries across the world for trade with the Orient.

This magnificent collection includes the following 1oz silver proof coins:

2018 British Trade Dollar, 2018 US Trade Dollar, 2019 Chinese Trade Dollar, 2019 Japanese Trade Dollar and 2020 French Trade Dollar 1oz Silver Proof Coins presented in luxury five coin presentation case with numbered certificate of authenticity.



In the 16th century, European merchants began to sail further west and east, exploring undiscovered routes in search of new luxuries. Manila Galleon trading ships laden with Spanish silver dollars, known as ‘pieces of eight’, set sail from Spain’s abundant silver mines in South America, across the Pacific between the Philippines and Mexico.

Precious cargoes of spices, porcelain and silks were exchanged for the Orient’s preferred choice of metal – silver. The Spanish Dollar quickly established its reputation as the world’s first global money. Weighing approximately 27g and minted in .900 silver, this coin was to become the standard currency specification for Chinese silver dollars (often called Dragon Dollars) as well as Japanese and Korean versions.

Following the ceding of the island of Hong Kong to the British in 1842, international trade with China and the surrounding territories flourished. Western powers looking to trade in porcelain, silks and the most lucrative – tea, rushed to the East in search of precious luxuries to exchange for silver. Each country saw a requirement to mint its own silver coins to satisfy demand and so a new coinage arose, commonly referred to as Trade Dollars.

This beautiful set of five silver proof coins is a tribute to these fascinating coins of the Orient and a lasting tribute to a currency born of commerce and trade.

Strictly Limited to 500 Sets Worldwide


Issuing Authority: Niue Islands

Denomination: $1

Alloy: 0.999 Ag

Weight: 1oz

Diameter: 38.6mm

Quality: Proof

Product Issue Limit: 500


This tea is sourced from a tea estate certified by The Ethical Tea Partnership.
We are proud to be a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), a non-commercial alliance of international tea companies who share a vision of a thriving global tea sector that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

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The Trade Dollar 1oz silver five coin set includes the following coins:

2018 British Trade Dollar 1oz Silver Proof Coin

2018 US Trade Dollar 1oz Silver Proof Coin

2019 Chinese Trade Dollar 1oz Silver Proof Coin

2019 Japanese Trade Dollar 1oz Silver Proof Coin

2020 French Trade Dollar 1oz Silver Proof Coin