Staunton Earl Grey Thins, in celebration of National Chocolate Week

As National Chocolate Week draws to an end, we thought we would share a more indulgent way to enjoy the taste of tea.

The most popular practice involves bringing a cup to one’s lips, breathing in the aroma and taking a small (but noisy!) sip. This allows one to fully experience the unique flavour notes inherent within the tea.

There is another, slightly more indulgent way to enjoy tea – by infusing it into chocolate. Finding the right chocolate to complement a specific tea is part art, part science, and part trial, and we have happily worked our way through many samples, arriving at the ideal white, milk and dark chocolate couvertures to match our teas.

The couverture we have developed comes from a unique blend of cocoa beans from Ghana, the Ivory Coast and Sao Tomé. Whilst cocoa from Ghana and the Ivory Coast offer a bold, sharp and full bodied flavours, cocoa from Sao Tomé highlights and isolates the various flavour notes, allowing them to have their moment on the palate. Together, these varieties of cocoa produce chocolate with a rich texture and lingering flavour.

The next stage is infusing the chocolate with the tea, steeping it for up to 72 hours, allowing it to develop through the chocolate, allowing it to take on the character of the tea and other flavours. The chocolate is then dropped by hand into thins, creating the delicate balance between chocolate, tea, neroli and bergamot

Our Staunton Earl Grey Chocolate Thins combine subtly sweet 37% milk chocolate with our signature tea, popularised by British Prime Minister Charles Grey. While Earl Grey is traditionally blended with bergamot, we have also added neroli in honour of Sir George Staunton, an employee of The East India Company, who first observed the Chinese using bitter orange blossoms to scent their tea. Staunton wrote of his findings to Britain, sparking a revolution in tea drinking

Our delicate chocolate thins are also available in 4 other varieties including: White Chocolate infused with Green Tea & Mint, Dark Chocolate with Blend 68, White Chocolate with Strawberries & Cream and White Chocolate infused with Saffron & Rose


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