Black Tea

Whilst tea of the green variety has been drunk for thousands of years, black tea is a mere youngster, with only 400 years in its locker. Thought to have originated as a method of preservation in China, black tea is effectively fully fermented or oxidised green tea, which is then fired to remove almost all the moisture, giving it a distinctive darker colour.

Of course, black tea is not just black tea and its breadth is indeed similar to the multitude of wines now available from all corners of the world. Climate, terroir, tea bush variant and the differing processing methods all impact the final black tea type. And in modern times, fruits, oils and flavours have been added to extend the range exponentially further. From China to India, New Zealand to Argentina, Sri Lanka to Scotland, the world of black tea is one that demands and rewards discovery by the curious.

With this 400 years of inspiration to draw upon, our hand-selected range of black teas has something for every occasion. From household favourites Royal Breakfast to Earl Grey, to original blends such as our exquisitely flavoured First Romance, and not forgetting seasonal specialities like Darjeeling First Flush [almost more akin to a fine Oolong, but widely considered to be a black tea nonetheless] and Pedro Orange Pekoe from the mountains of central Sri Lanka.

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