Infusions & Herbal Tea

Generations of people across the world have infused all manner of herbs, fruits, roots and leaves in hot water as a healthy drink, with the medicinal properties well-reputed and validated locally, even if not scientifically proven by the powers that be.

Not much has changed really, except in accessibility – now in the twenty first century, a Frenchmen can sip on a tisane with guarana, a South American herb reputed to support mental performance, not to mention other nocturnal areas of performance, whilst a young Chinese lady can relax with a soothing bedtime cup of Chamomile from Egypt.

The breadth of the infusion and herbal tea market is now vast and it seems that every day, new health benefits are attributed to age-old ingredients, such as liquorice or turmeric. We have perhaps a smaller range than some, but of matchless quality. Our Egyptian whole Chamomile flowers with Persian Rose buds creates a delicately perfumed aroma and flavour to help find a deep sense of harmony. Keep discovering.