Peppermint Tea

Ancient Egyptians enjoyed a cup of peppermint tea, as evidenced by the leaves found in the pyramids of Egypt, so whilst not as old as tea drinking, mint “tea” has a long heritage. Later, both Romans and Greeks recognised its medical benefits, chiefly as a digestive aid, and later it was an essential accompaniment on the long voyages of the pioneering East India Company sailors.

Peppermint, in fact a hybrid of water mint and spearmint, is grown mainly in Europe and is one of the most drunk herbs on earth, not only for the renowned health benefits, but also for the sheer pleasure of the cool, refreshing taste and for being a natural caffeine-free tea or coffee alternative.

Peppermint of course is wonderfully blended with green tea in many cultures and is a staple of North Africa in particular, creating ritual and ceremony. We now use the very finest English Mitcham dark peppermint, invigorating and full of flavour. As we arrive into summer, why not discover something new – may we suggest to make a concentrated brew, add a touch of honey, some sparkling water and poor over ice and a slice for a refreshing and healthy summer cooler.

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