Of course, Rooibos Tea isn’t a tea at all. It’s a type of herb, native to South Africa, where is has been drunk for just a few hundred years, another young upstart in the world of tea.

It’s harvested during the summer months and processed in a very similar way to way. Oxidation of the leaf creates the characteristic stunning red colour: the longer the oxidation, the deeper the colour.

Rooibos is incredibly versatile and we think it’s a wonderful new addition to the global tea portfolio; recent because it has really only reached beyond South African in the last 20 or so years. As well as being drunk as an infusion, it can be taken with milk [and sugar] for a drink that is rather akin to a cup of “normal” tea [is there any such thing?], but here is killer feature – it is naturally caffeine free. With a distinctive flavour, described variously as smoky, nutty or woody, in the cup it’s a beautiful red-orange liquor. If you haven’t discovered Rooibos [also known as Red Bush] or its close cousin, the super healthy and tasty HoneyBush, you’re in for a treat.

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