Ancestors to the modern-day Pound coin: Guinea and Sovereign Set released

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June 2017

“The new 12-sided pound coin continues the evolution of what is regarded by many as the world’s oldest living currency. Using new technology to improve the security of a coin is at the very heart of the Guinea story.”…

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The East India Company celebrates the Bicentenary Anniversary of the Guinea

The East India Company, London is pleased to announce the unveiling of their most recent gold coins: The Guinea Bicentenary Collection. A series of historically accurate and authentically crafted golden Guineas which pay special tribute to the coin that became the pride of Britain during an era which lasted from the Restoration of the Monarchy to the Napoleonic Wars.

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A Tendulkar Coin Worth £12,000!

Gulf News

September 2014

The East India Company, specialists in coin manufacturing, released the limited edition coin, worth precisely 200 grams to commemorate the number of Test appearances by the legendary batsman and double struck in 24-carat gold.

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Special Edition Gold Coins to Honour Tendulkar

The Times of India

June 2014

The East India Company has rolled out 210 limited edition gold coins with special numbers and master blaster’s effigy on one side and the Queen’s on the other.

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A new beginning for the The East India Company

Chitra Lekha Magazine

September 2012

On the historic launch of the Diamond Jubilee coin, an exclusive interview with Sanjeev Mehta

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The Diamond Jubilee Kilo

Chartwell Magazine

January 2012

Set with over 100 diamonds, this is a truly exquisite piece designed as a collectible to remember this significant event – Queen Elizabeth II’s ‘Diamond Jubilee’. The faithful likeness of Queen Elizabeth was first sculpted in plaster and then struck in fine gold and silver.

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Coinage of the British East India Company

The Fitzwilliam Museum

May 2011

By 1672 the Company had established a mint in Bombay to produce copper and tin coins to serve its local needs and in 1717 they started minting silver rupees of Indian style in the name of the emperor.

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The East India Company to enter bullion market by year end

The Free Press

January 2011

‘It is branding, not trading, which stays in global luxury market’

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The East India Company presents collectable gold Medals

December 2010

The One Mohur is inspired by the original One and Two Mohur gold coins, which were struck for the first time in 1835 bearing the effigy of William IV on the obverse and a Lion and Palm Tree motif on the reverse.

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