For the first time in 242 years, The East India Company tea has arrived in Boston Harbour.

Our tea was the centrepiece of a special re-enactment of The Boston Tea Party which is held every year by The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. For the first time since 1773, over 100lbs of our tea was thrown overboard into the historic waters of Boston Harbour to commemorate the single most important action leading up to the American Revolution, or rather, the moment when the Sons of Liberty threw 340 chests containing The East India Company tea overboard.
The tea that featured in the re-enactment is otherwise known as our signature Boston Tea Party blend. This tea is a blend of black tea, green tea and Souchong, all of which would have been on board the ships in the eighteenth century.

Historically, The East India Company was responsible for introducing “punch” to England from India. Paying homage to this heritage is the Boston Tea Party Punch made using our Boston Tea Party Tea, Vanilla Island Cane Sugar and fresh thyme, passion fruit puree, lime juice, orange juice and dark rum.

If you would like to experiment with making the Boston Tea Party Punch at home then follow the recipe below.
Ingredients (serves 4)
• 800ml of cold The East India Company Boston Tea Party Tea
• 800ml of dark rum
• 320ml of passion fruit puree
• 240ml of fresh lime juice
• 800ml of fresh orange juice
• 12 tsp of The East India Company Vanilla Island Cane Sugar
• 1 sprig of fresh thyme
• 1 passionfruit, 1 lime & 1 orange

• Pour the Boston Tea Party Tea, the rum, passion fruit puree, lime juice, orange juice, and sugar into a punch bowl.
• Slice the passion fruit, lime and orange and add to the bowl along with the thyme.
• Gently stir the ingredients together
• Serve in individual tea cups

The Boston Tea Party Caddy (£12.00)
Vanilla Sugar (£10.00)