Best teas to boost immunity

Did you know that 82% of global consumers take vitamins or supplements to maintain their health? Are you taking the right ones? If you're looking for a remedy to boost your immunity, you're in for a treat. So, grab your favourite mug, get comfy, and let's dive into the world of immunity teas. We're about to explore the top 3 blends, the herbs that make them effective, and the secrets to sipping tea to help you achieve a better you.

How does immunity tea work?

Tea, a beverage cherished for its calming effect, goes beyond its soothing warmth. In a world where our bodies fight a daily battle against free radicals, our immune system sometimes needs a superhero. Aging, bad eating habits, smoking, and the hustle of daily life can take a toll on our health, potentially leading to stress that ages us faster and make us more vulnerable to disease.

Immunity teas contain antioxidants like polyphenols, with Matcha Green Tea being a great example. It’s not just a trendy drink but a shield of antioxidants to help protect you from everyday chaos. But here's the magic – different teas release different antioxidants, making each brew a unique solution to improve your health. See it as an invisible support for your immune system, perfect for those 'under-the-weather' days.

Which herbs are beneficial to boost immunity?

94% prioritise functional beverages as their go-to elixir for a healthier lifestyle. Functional beverages are not just a choice, they’re a lifestyle commitment. As health takes the spotlight, the majority opt for drinks that don't just quench thirst but also contribute to overall wellbeing. Now, let's dive into the science behind the immunity-boosting herbs:


Moringa, the "miracle tree," is a nutrient-packed powerhouse. Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It supports brain function, aids digestion, and promotes weight management.



Beyond its sweet taste, liquorice offers a range of health benefits. Used in traditional Ayurvedic drinks, it provides a robust immune boost. With anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting powers from Glycyrrhizic Acid.

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A powerful herbal blend, aids in eliminating toxins from the body, promoting overall cleansing. Its properties extend to regulating bowel movements and improving vision. Triphala is a holistic addition to your wellness routine, contributing to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.

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Kalanduru is an ancient herbal remedy, has a rich history of medicinal use. Traditionally used to treat conditions like fever, coughs, and asthmatic. Kalanduru stands out for its immune-boosting properties, known to strengthen the respiratory system, providing essential support for overall well-being.



A versatile herb with a wealth of advantages.
Tippili supports digestive health, providing relief from various digestive conditions. Additionally, it aids in relieving symptoms associated with respiratory conditions. 


What is the correct way to drink tea?

1. Moderate your tea consumption:

Herbal tea is a soothing and refreshing substitute beverage to normal tea or coffee, which can help you meet your daily hydration goals. It should be consumed in moderation, not exceeding 3-4 cups per day.

2. Mind the gap of tea and mealtime:

Timing is everything. To optimise the benefits of the ingredients, give at least 30 minutes between your tea and meals. Let your body absorb the goodness without any interference or let’s say snacking.

3. No tea before bed:

Drinking tea close to bedtime is definitely not recommended. You need to let your body rest by avoiding tea a few hours before you sleep. Even chamomile or lavender blends if they have caffeine tea blended with them.

4. Sweeten with caution:

While sugar may be tempting with its sweet taste, it's not a suitable addition to your wellbeing journey. Steer clear of adding sugar to your tea and consider opting for natural sweeteners like honey instead.

Our Immunity Boost Teas

We have an exquisite range of herbal teas, thoroughly designed to help you out in your wellness journey. Among our range of 7 infusions stands a selection to help you boost your immune system. Our collection includes a series of harmonious blends including herbs like Green Tea, Kalandaru, Liquorice, and a medley of spices. Packed with antioxidants boosting ingredients such as Moringa and Ginger.

Revitalise: Immune Cleansing
Detox Tea


A brew of Liquorice & Triphala, designed to support your immune system and promote wellness. This tea is an effective way to combat stress, treat indigestion, and detoxify your body.

Triphala: Helps eliminating toxins from the body and promote overall cleansing.
Kalanduru: Used to treat conditions of fever, coughs, and asthmatic conditions.
Ginger: Assists in boosting natural immunity.

Enhance: Moringa & Green Tea Immune Boost Wellness Infusion


Great revitalising drink to boost body's immunity. This wellness tea also enhances neural functions while contributing to the reduction of blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Green Tea: High concentration of powerful antioxidants such as Polyphenols.
Liquorice: Used in traditional ayurvedic drinks for a strong immune boost.
Moringa: Rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino Acids.

Boost Natural

Rich Source
Of Vitamins


Why The East India Company?

At The East India Company, we collaborate with premier tea providers to ensure your tea experience is exceptional. Rooted in tradition, we specialise in crafting teas that stand the test of time, infusing centuries of wisdom into every cup.

Our teas, herbs and infusions are sourced from China, India, Sri Lanka and other countries renowned for producing the finest traditional teas with flavours cherished worldwide. However, beyond the well-known commercial tea varieties, Sri Lanka is also a notable producer of exceptional herbal teas.

Herbal tea is not just tea, it's an infusion of various ingredients such as flowers, fruits, spices or barks from medicinal plants. Those teas come in diverse varieties offering unique and natural health benefits.

In many cultures people appreciate the therapeutic qualities of herbal teas. Ayurvedic practitioners often recommend that herbal teas harness multiple health benefits with their botanical advantages and offer natural alternatives to pharmaceutical options.

At The East India Company, we believe in the power of herbal infusions to create moments of wellbeing. Our teas are carefully crafted to not only taste great, but also nurture your body and mind. We make your sure each cup is a step towards a lifestyle that prioritises your overall health and happiness.

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