The Art of Coin Making

The Art of Coin Making

Jun 21 , 2022

The art of coin making is believed to be over 2,500 years old. From the first hammered coins with their intrinsic metal value to the coins we use every day all over the world, these small but valuable pieces of metal have captured the imagination of historians, collectors, and investors for centuries.

The East India Company has a longstanding reputation for excellence and expertise in the world of coin design and production. Over three hundred years ago King Charles II awarded The East India Company the right to mint its own coins in the overseas territories under its administration. By 1677 The Company was already a trusted exporter of precious metal and by 1835 it had established 14 mints across India, including Bombay, Calcutta, and Madras.

To this day, The East India Company’s coins are loved and collected all over the world, offering a breath-taking range of intricate designs created in collaboration with the world’s leading designers to tell stories inspired by the past with a fresh, modern twist to the delight of collectors, connoisseurs, and investors alike.

Every coin we produce is the result of hours of dedication from the designers, engravers, and minters who work together to create the highest quality proof and brilliant uncirculated coins using a combination of ancient handcraftsmanship and the best of modern minting technologies.