Mohur 2023 Gold Proof Coin

The first King Charles III Mohur coin. Limited edition of just 100 issued worldwide.

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An Unrivaled Heritage

The East India Company Collections captures remarkable stories, anniversaries and unique moments in time. We preserve, honour and celebrate these stories on precious metal legal tender coins combining traditional hand-crafted skills passed down from generations of expert engravers with the latest modern techniques to create coin collections our customers can cherish, collect and save for future posterity.

400 Years Of Cultural Impact

400 Years Of Cultural Impact

Short stories from the very first voyages of the intrepid pioneers, to the modern day rebirth of The East India Company.

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The East India Company London Dry Gin 700ml

Our exceptional artisan London Dry Gin is made extraordinary by our unique combination of botanicals, first shared with the world through the shipping lines of The East India Company more than 400 years ago.

The East India Company London Dry Gin 700ml
The East India Company London Dry Gin 700ml
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