King Charles III Coronation Coin

King Charles III Coronation Coin

Apr 27 , 2023

The Guinea: an ornament and a safeguard, then and now.​ Officially approved by His Majesty King Charles III.

‘What is a Guinea, ‘tis a splendid thing, ​Which represents our sovereign lord the King,' Stephen Kemble wrote in his 19th century poem.

Though written centuries ago, this quote, taken from the poem “A Guinea” reflects perfectly where we find ourselves in modern day.

With the upcoming Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III imminent, we look back at what makes the Guinea so special and its lasting connection to the monarchy.


The original Guineas were struck in 1663 during the first Carolean Age, the reign of King Charles II. Historically referred to as ‘An Ornament and a Safeguard’, the Guinea played a vital role in international trade, travelling the world on The East India Company ships and establishing a reputation of trust, quality, and reliability.

Originally a nickname, the term ‘Guinea’ came from the west coast of Africa in which The Royal Africa Company, responsible for the supply of gold for coining at the time, conducted most of its business. This nickname became widely used and in 1720, in the reign of King George I, was officially adopted.

…& Now

Today, the legacy of the Guinea and its connection to the British monarchy lives on. The term ‘Guinea’, its weight and alloy is used to this day across the world to denote a trusted and reliable gold coin of the very highest quality. To mark this historic occasion as King Charles III takes his thrown, we have released our very limited edition King Charles Coronation Guinea 2023. The first Guinea featuring King Charles III, this collection is a once in a lifetime opportunity to honour such an important occasion in history.