All The King’s Coins

All The King’s Coins

Apr 11 , 2023

Celebrate the upcoming Coronation with our most recent collections – all among the first to feature His Majesty King Charles III’s effigy. These stunning coins are a unique way to honour the past while capturing the most significant moment in the history of the British Monarchy for over 70 years.

A Coronation coin fit for a King!

With each historic design, we delve deeper into the history, literature, and symbolism. This process led to the creation of our Coronation Spade Guinea, specially struck in honour of this weekend’s grand celebration of our new King, His Majesty Charles III.

This is not our only Collection featuring His Majesty's effigy.

The original Una & The Lion was a Five Pound coin issued as part of Queen Victoria's Coronation set in 1839 – celebrate King Charles' coronation with a modern interpretation of Una featuring his effigy.

In 1937, to celebrate the Coronation of King George VI, a special Masterpiece St George and the Dragon was released. Today, our modern rendition also features King Charles’ effigy.