A Look Back: The East India Company Ships, Trade And Coins

A Look Back: The East India Company Ships, Trade And Coins

May 14 , 2023

Travel back in time with us to the 17th and 18th centuries, where The East India Company’s ships played a significant role in the global economy, carrying valuable cargo such as gold, silver, tea, spices, textiles and more.

The Ships

The East India Company ships were a common sight in ports across the world, and their impressive size and design were admired by all who saw them. The company's fleet included a variety of ships, ranging from smaller vessels used for coastal trade to large, heavily-armed warships that were equipped to navigate treacherous seas and fend off attacks from pirates and rival European powers. Despite the dangers, the ships were crewed by skilled sailors who endured months at sea to bring back valuable cargoes to the company's headquarters in London. 


One of the most significant cargoes carried by The East India Company ships was gold and silver coins, often stored in chests or barrels. These precious metals were used as a means of payment for goods purchased by the company and were also used to pay the company's employees. Additionally, the company used gold and silver coins as a form of investment, as they could be used to purchase goods for resale in Europe.

Transporting gold and silver coins on The East India Company ships was not without risk. Pirates and privateers often targeted The East India Company ships, hoping to capture the valuable cargo. The company took measures to protect its ships and crews, including arming its vessels and hiring experienced sailors.


In honour of The Company's glorious fleet, we've created the Ship 250g Silver Coin Bar. This 250 gram silver coin bar depicts the scene of a Company ship with sails billowing facing East. Struck to a BU quality, this 250 gram silver coin bar is legal tender and highly sought after by investors and collectors alike. Each piece contains 8.037 troy ounces of Fine Silver. Celebrate the story and history behind The East India Company with this and rare bar of fine silver.

Our Ships and the Story of Earl Grey

The East India Company ships can also be celebrated with the creation of Earl Grey Tea, which crossed many cultures, borders and most importantly, seas. The original blend was created when tea from China arrived in the United Kingdom on Company ships and was then blended with European grown Bergamot oil in a small London tea house. Today, we use a Sri Lankan black tea rather than the usual Chinese Keemun tea because we feel is gives better body. It is incredible to note the significant role The East India Company’s ships hold in the history of this now globally renowned classic tea blend.