How to Choose the Right Weight Loss Tea: A Tea Drinkers Guide

If you're on a journey to shed a few pounds as we start the new year, then let's dive into the world of weight loss teas, or as we like to call them, our slimming elixirs. In this guide, we'll “spill the tea” on the overall health benefits, the herbal heroes behind these magical blends, the art of sipping for weight loss, and introduce you to our handcrafted herbal weight loss teas. Overall we recommend our Ayurvedic teas are consumed as part of a balanced diet combined with regular exercise. Like everything in life, moderation and balance is the key.

What are the health benefits of drinking weight loss tea?

1 Increased metabolism:

Green tea, in particular, is believed to provide a noticeable metabolism boost due to compounds such as catechins and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). The thermogenic effect of these components, combined with caffeine, works to enhance your metabolism rate and increase calorie burning, ultimately leading to improved weight loss. Additionally, tea's capacity to regulate blood sugar levels adds to its overall metabolic advantages.

2 Weight loss support:

Let's talk about weight loss tea. While these herbal brews are often marketed as miracle solutions promising rapid weight loss in just a few weeks, the truth is a bit more nuanced. Weight loss tea is not a magic potion that will miraculously shed kilos overnight. Instead, think of it as a supportive companion in your weight loss journey.

Weight loss tea is like a sidekick for a healthy lifestyle. Drinking herbal tea while eating healthy meals and exercising can help you see better results overall. The tea doesn't make you lose weight on its own, but it can help your body burn calories quicker over time, more as a gradual process and in conjunction with overall lifestyle changes you make.

Some ingredients, like Garcinia, make you feel less hungry which makes it easier to control your appetite. As a beverage supplement, it gives you a sense of fullness and keeps you well-hydrated, reducing the likelihood of repetitive snacking.

Weight loss teas also contain antioxidants from ingredients like ginger and peppermint. Those fight off the toxins in your body. Though they don't directly make you lose weight, they just keep you healthy during your weight loss journey.

Other herbs like fennel seed and fenugreek help your body absorb nutrients and stay healthy overall. It's like putting together pieces of a puzzle instead of a super quick fix.

3 Low calorie drink and appetite suppressant:

Teas are naturally low in calories as they involve steeping leaves or herbs in hot water, extracting flavours without adding substantial caloric content. The simplicity of the brewing process, (without added sugars or milk), contributes to their low-calorie nature. Whether it's traditional teas like green or black tea or herbal infusions such as peppermint or chamomile, the base of these beverages remains calorie-free. To fully enjoy its low-calorie benefits, make sure you enjoy it without additional caloric enhancements like sweeteners or milks, even dairy free milks have some calorie content.

4 General health benefits:

Tea provides numerous overall health advantages owing to its rich antioxidant content. Those play a vital role in combating toxins, decreasing the risk of chronic diseases,... Consistent tea consumption has been associated with enhancements in heart health, contributing to improved cardiovascular function and reduced cholesterol levels. The combination of moderate caffeine and L-theanine in tea stimulates mental awareness without the jitteriness associated with high-caffeine beverages.

5 Detox effect:

Tea provides numerous overall health advantages owing to its rich antioxidant content. Those play a vital role in combating toxins, decreasing the risk of chronic diseases,... Consistent tea consumption has been associated with enhancements in heart health, contributing to improved cardiovascular function and reduced cholesterol levels. The combination of moderate caffeine and L-theanine in tea stimulates mental awareness without the jitteriness associated with high-caffeine beverages.

2. Which herbs are beneficial for weight loss or management?


Adding peppermint into your regime can help you ease nausea, soothe stress-related headaches, and boost your natural immunity. It's the hero you didn't know your tea needed.

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Infused in water, fenugreek soothes stomach inflammation and relaxes your intestines. It doesn't stop there – fenugreek aids weight loss and ensures your digestive system is in top-notch shape.

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A fat-burning spice, garcinia takes centre stage in our weight loss tea, stimulating the reduction of fat mass, visceral fat, and boosting up your metabolism.



Cumin speeds up metabolism, suppresses appetite, and even gives your liver a little love. It's the spice your digestive tract needs for optimal function.


Black seed:

Research-backed and weight loss approved: black seed controls blood sugar levels, fights obesity, and manages metabolic disorders. Aka the silent warrior in your tea mug.

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3. How to Drink Tea for Weight Loss?

1. Moderate your tea consumption:

In the world of weight loss tea, less is more. Limit your sipping sessions to 2 cups a day. We're all about quality over quantity.

2. Mind the gap of tea and mealtime:

Timing is everything. To optimise your weight loss efforts, give at least 30 minutes between your tea and meal. Let your body absorb the goodness without any interference or let’s say snacking.

3. No tea before bed:

Drinking tea close to bedtime is definitely not recommended. You need to let your body rest by avoiding tea a few hours before you sleep.

4. Sweeten with caution:

While sugar may be tempting with its sweet taste, it's not a suitable addition to your weight loss journey. Steer clear of adding sugar to your tea and consider opting for natural sweeteners like honey instead. Small adjustments can yield significant results in achieving your weight loss goals.

4. Our Herbal Weight Loss Teas

We have an exquisite range of herbal teas, thoroughly designed to help you out in your wellness journey. Among our range of 7 infusions stands a selection created to support your weight loss goals. Our collection includes a series of harmonious blends including herbs like garcinia, black seed, and a medley of spices. Packed with metabolism boosting ingredients such as cumin and detoxifying ingredients like ginger.

Vitality: Garcinia & Black Seed
Weight Loss Herbal Tea


A herbal tea with Garcinia, Black Seed and hand-selected aromatic spices. Offering a mild, peppery aroma with a sweet and sour taste that makes your weight loss journey effective and enjoyable.

Peppermint: Eases gastric discomfort and bloating.
Garcinia: Stimulates weight loss and fat reduction.
Cumin: Aids digestion, reduces gas, and stimulates enzymes.
Black Seed: Lowers blood sugar levels with controlled consumption.

Balance: Digestive Detox
Herbal Tea


Our digestive tea is a blend of peppermint and fennel designed to provide relief from gastric-related pain and stimulates weight loss. Taste unique aromas with piney, fruity, and zesty notes.

Cardamom: Eases digestive issues like bloating.
Fennel Seed: A powerful spice for nausea relief.
Coriander: An antioxidant powerhouse with essential nutrients.
Ginger: Soothing stomach walls and boosting natural immunity.

Boost Natural


Weight Loss

Why The East India Company?

At The East India Company, we collaborate with premier tea providers to ensure your tea experience is exceptional. Rooted in tradition, we specialise in crafting teas that stand the test of time, infusing centuries of wisdom into every cup.

Our teas, herbs and infusions are sourced from China, India, Sri Lanka and other countries renowned for producing the finest traditional teas with flavours cherished worldwide. However, beyond the well-known commercial tea varieties, Sri Lanka is also a notable producer of exceptional herbal teas.

Herbal tea is not just tea, it's an infusion of various ingredients such as flowers, fruits, spices or barks from medicinal plants. Those teas come in diverse varieties offering unique and natural health benefits.In many cultures people appreciate the therapeutic qualities of herbal teas. Ayurvedic practitioners often recommend that herbal teas harness multiple health benefits with their botanical advantages and offer natural alternatives to pharmaceutical options.

At The East India Company, we believe in the power of herbal infusions to create moments of wellbeing. Our teas are carefully crafted to not only taste great, but also nurture your body and mind. We make your sure each cup is a step towards a lifestyle that prioritises your overall health and happiness.

EIC has a rich history in trading spices, giving us a deep knowledge of herbs and blends. This expertise is the secret behind our mastery in creating wellness teas that have stood the test of time, bringing centuries of wisdom to each comforting cup.

Explore our herbal tea collection and redefine the way you experience tea—because wellness should always be brewed in a cup.

There you have it, the ultimate guide to choosing the perfect weight loss tea. As you get on board your tea-infused weight loss journey, remember – it's not just about the destination; it's about enjoying the journey and every flavourful sip along the way.

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