Our Mint Mark

Our Mint Mark

Nov 17 , 2022

The East India Company was formally created in 1600 with a royal charter granted by Queen Elizabeth I. Before long a ‘Merchant’s Mark’ was created to be stamped or branded on Company goods to help identify them as they moved through busy ports or were sold on the trading floor.

It was known as the ‘Chop’, derived from the Hindi word ‘chap’ meaning ‘stamp’, and is widely considered to be the first commercial trademark. Initially a simple mark, by the 1700s it had evolved into a heart shape containing the letters EIC, topped with the number four which is believed to represent a sail.

The East India Company ‘Chop’ soon became recognised as a symbol of excellence and reliability across the world, a role it continues to play to this day. All East India Company gold and silver coin collections feature a special mint mark evolved from our Merchant’s Mark. It features the letters EIC arranged around three upright crosses and offers collectors and investors the assurance of absolute quality and accuracy.

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