Creating our Coin Collections

Creating our Coin Collections

Mar 23 , 2023

In the late 17th Century, as The East India Company’s spirit of exploration took it across the world, King Charles II awarded the Company the right to strike its own legal tender coins. Building on its growing reputation for expertise in the export of precious metals, by 1835 the Company had established 14 mints across India including facilities in Bombay, Calcutta and Madras.

Nearly 200 years later, the East India Company continues to produce coins that are loved by enthusiasts and revered by collectors all over the world in partnership with the Island of St Helena.

The East India Company Collections capture moments in history for contemporary enthusiasts and future generations to treasure, telling stories of fascinating characters and landmark events through a range of intricate designs and beautiful presentations.

Created by the world’s leading coin designers and produced by traditional engraving expertise and the best of modern minting technology, The East India Company Gold and Silver Coin Collections are inspired by the past and presented with a fresh contemporary twist.

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