2022 Goddess Hera 1oz Gold Proof


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The 2022 Goddess Hera 1oz Gold Proof Coin


East India Company Collections introduces a new coin series which will tell the stories of the Goddesses of Ancient Greek and Norse mythology.

Despite originating in ancient myths and legends, Goddesses inform modern life perhaps more than we realize. Their mythology, religious legends, history and folk tales influence movies, TV shows, museum exhibits and famous brands such as cameras and running shoes.

Theirs are stories of intricate family sagas, wars fought by powerful dynasties, love found and lost, the worlds of nature and magic and the realms of gods and men, featuring fantastical creatures and characters who inspire our imaginations and codes of living. Morals, virtues, beliefs and ethics are all integral to the mythology of the Goddesses.

The series starts with Hera, wife and sister of the mighty Zeus, one of the twelve principal deities of the Greek pantheon who lived upon Mount Olympus.

“Queen of the Immortals is she, surpassing all in beauty:

she is the sister and wife of loud-thundering Zeus,

the glorious one whom all the blessed throughout high Olympos reverence and honour

even as Zeus who delights in thunder.”

• A strictly limited edition of just 100 coins worldwide

• One ounce of gleaming 999.9 fine gold

• Struck to our highest Proof quality finish

• Bespoke presentation case and storytelling booklet

• Exclusive new design by Joel Iskowitz

Joel Iskowitz’s classical illustrative design depicts Hera riding through the heavens in her grand chariot, pulled along by her sacred peacocks, their tails covered in the hundred ever-watchful eyes of the mighty Argus.

Every fine detail of Joel Iskowitz’s intricate design is emphasised by the Proof quality finish of this 1oz Gold coin, presented in a bespoke display case along with a certificate of authenticity which guarantees its accuracy and quality.



Hera was Queen of the Gods, wife of Zeus and mother to the Olympian Gods Ares and Hephaestus. Zeus had many affairs and Hera often punished his lovers and illegitimate children for the shame they brought upon her. As a result, as well as her beauty and faithfulness, she is known for her temper, fury and vengeance. But despite her anger, Hera became step-mother to many of these children, earning her reputation as the Goddess of family, children and women.

Hera’s sacred animals include the cuckoo and the peacock. A legend by Ovid describes how Zeus fell in love with Io, one of Hera’s priestesses. Raging with jealousy, Hera turned Io into a cow and gave her to Argus, her all-seeing giant with 100 eyes, to guard her. Zeus took pity on Io and ordered his messenger, Hermes, to kill Argus and rescue her. But Hera had guessed what was coming and, before Hermes could hypnotise and murder Argus, she removed the 100 eyes from the giant and placed them on the tail of a peacock in honour of her faithful servant.


Coin Name: 2022 Goddess Hera 1oz Gold Proof

Alloy: 999.9 Au

Denomination: £5

Weight: 1oz

Issuing Authority: St Helena

Diameter: 32mm

Issue Limit: 100

Total Mintage: 100


This tea is sourced from a tea estate certified by The Ethical Tea Partnership.
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