Matcha Tea

Matcha has been drunk in Japan from the time of the Shoguns, but today is considered an exotic and new addition to the tea category for millions around the world. But the name “matcha” is in fact a rather functional name: in the Japanese language, ‘ma’ translates to rubbed or ground, while “cha” of course means tea. So “ground tea”, which is exactly what it is: an extremely fine powder made from green tea leaves.

But the name is where ordinary ends. The tea plants are grown under shade for a few weeks ahead of harvest, slowing growth and increasing the chlorophyll content and the amino acid theanine. The finest leaves are picked, dried and then ground between granite stone to produce a powder that is a bright, vivid green.

The finest examples are graded as ceremonial and considered to be of sufficient quality to be used in the famous Japanese tea ceremonies. Our ceremonial quality matcha comes from Hattori-san’s garden, in Shizuoka. It is grown completely chemical free and using traditional methods – it takes 1 hour to slowly grind just 50g of leaves. Matcha for the first time is a truly startling experience: grassy, vegetal, often creamy with a lasting sweetness, and of course with a precise making ceremony. We think matcha is exciting, vibrant and life-affirming.