Rainforest Lumbini Black Tea Pouch 100g


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Grown at the edge of the Lumbini region of Ceylon, only the higher grown leaves are selected, where the combination of temperature, weather and soil allow the natural characteristics of this tea to shine through. This speciality black tea is laced with gold tips and boasts a rich sweetness of dark sugar. Finished with complex notes of caramel, this full-bodied black tea has a rich sweetness unlike any other. Serve this unique tea on its own, as an alternative breakfast brew.


Flavour Profile

The Lumbini Estate produces some of the finest teas grown in the rainforests, amongst the foothills of Singharaja, Deniyaya in Ceylon. This fine tea has a high level of Golden & Silver tips, which gives a full bodied and smooth infusion. It also has a rich aroma with a touch of caramel sweetness in the finish.

Where it’s from
Sri Lanka

When to enjoy it
Throughout the day


Ceylon Black Tea from Sri Lanka


This tea is sourced from a tea estate certified by The Ethical Tea Partnership.
We are proud to be a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), a non-commercial alliance of international tea companies who share a vision of a thriving global tea sector that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

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How to Brew It: Rainforest Lumbini (Blend 37) Tea


  • 210ML OF WATER AT 100ºC


  • 4/5 STRENGTH

Usually enjoyed without milk or sugar. Learn more about our teas, Learn how tea is processed, from tea leaf to your cup, or how to brew the perfect cup of tea from our tea master