An Infinity of Patterns

An Infinity of Patterns

Apr 13 , 2022

For many, the word ‘Kaleidoscope’ is a permanent memory of childhood play and curiosity. From Greek, meaning the “observation of beautiful forms”, we remember those beautiful patterns, never repeated.

David Brewster, the inventor of the ‘modern’ Kaleidoscope, said it might be of great value in "all the ornamental arts" as a device that creates an "infinity of patterns".

We think of our brand as a sedimentary rock: layers of experiences from faraway lands washed together, connecting, over time creating a structure of uniqueness and beauty. Constantly being reinvented, but always remaining inclusive, tolerant, harmonious.

Turning the familiar to the unfamiliar, the mundane to the exotic.

For our finest tea caddies, we bring together individual patterns and images from the past and present to create a contemporary kaleidoscopic canvas for the future.