The Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms

Jun 09 , 2022

The original East India Company was honoured by being granted a Coat of Arms by HM Queen Elizabeth I.

It was given as a symbol of her confidence in The Company and so that it would be recognised as having her royal patronage.

The original declaration provided by Queen Elizabeth herself, with detailed instructions of the elements to be incorporated, still sits in the collection of documents at The College of Arms.

The Coat of Arms features two sea lions and waving St. George pennants, supporting a shield featuring ships and roses.

The ships have open sails and are facing to the east, signifying that they have a favourable wind and are journeying to the colonies. The roses denote England and a Fleur De Lys representing France.

At the top there is a blue globe, signifying the world.

Beneath sits The Company’s motto “Deus Indicat. Deo Ducente Nil Nocet”, meaning “God is our leader. When God leads, nothing can harm.”