Dumping Tea in Boston Harbour

Dumping Tea in Boston Harbour

Jun 08 , 2022

Marking a pivotal moment in American history, The Boston Tea Party of 1773 is inextricably linked to The East India Company. Our Signature Caddy ‘Boston’ blend of tea captures the moment in a lithograph by Nathanial Currier.

An American lithographer (& New York fireman), he was famous for creating popular art, political cartoons, and capturing historical events.

Created in 1846, you can see the Sons of Liberty, led by Samuel Adams, in disguise as Mohawk Indians complete with feathers, dumping the tea into Boston Harbour, at Griffin’s wharf. Not just a few crates - 45 tonnes of tea were dumped!

The energy of the picture is palpable - the tea crates held dramatically overhead to be hurled. Find our more about the Boston Tea Party, why it happened and what happened next.