Leadenhall:  From East India to Lloyds of London

Leadenhall: From East India to Lloyds of London

Jun 08 , 2022

In the early days, The East India Co. lodged around London, but something more grand was soon appropriate. Craven House on Leadenhall Street was bought, a partly wooden Elizabethan mansion, soon becoming East India House.

The condition deteriorated as the need for more space grew - it was destinated to be demolished and rebuilt, reopening in 1729.

We capture this moment in history in the artwork on our Director’s Blend caddy. Thomas Shepherd was a British artist known for attention to detail and busy scenes in his mainly architectural paintings. His main employment was for a Mr Frederick Crace who employed him to paint landmark buildings… prior to their demolition.

The building was demolished for a second time in 1861, the site now having another famous resident - Lloyds of London.